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The Spa in Hotel Es Vivé is an intimate sanctuary based in the middle of the bustling Ibiza town.

Book your treatment and enjoy our Scandinavian style terrace with steam room, Finnish Sauna and Jacuzzi in an exclusive surrounding.

Make your appointment via reception from the hotel.

Tel: +34 (971) 301902 or dial 100 from your room.

For non-guests a credit card is needed to confirm your appointment.

24 hours notice is required for changes or cancellations.

In the case of ‘no-show’ a 20 - € will be made.

Spa water area open during the day only for clients booking a treatment. For all guest free entrance from 8pm to 10pm.

Facials for Her


All our treatments are performed using a natural products range which is Organically Certified.

In all of them we include an Oriental Head Massage while the mask is working, providing a deep relaxation, helping to obtain the maximum benefit of the products used.

  • Ultimate Glow Facial (30min – 40 €)

Indulge yourself with an instant beauty facial. Cleanse, enzymatic peeling to bring light into your skin, facial massage using acupressure points and drainage, finishing with a bio-lifting eclat ampoule for maximum gorgeous look.

  • Nourishing Moisturizer (50mins - 55€)

The primary quality for good skin is hydration. With time, our skin loses the capacity to retain water, which is reflected in dryness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. This treatment brings us immediate and prolonged hydration, in the deepest layers of the skin. A great option to leave your face looking bright and healthy.

  • Anti – Age Revitalizing (50mins - 55€)

Help your skin to slow down the aging process with the benefit of the antioxidants. Excesses of sun, pollution, lack of water and a poor diet all influence the negative aging process of our skin’s contours. Using the best natural ingredients against free radicals, this facial offers vitality, freshness and firmness. Bring back the light and brightness of your skin eliminating the dullness of your face and providing the glow and flawless for a younger looking skin.

  • Deep cleaning detox (55min - 60€)

A deep treatment used to treat all skin types. Cleanse, tone and exfoliation will be followed by the use of the ozone steamer to help with the extraction and at the same time to oxygenate and moisturize the skin, mask, serum and an specific product will be the luxury ritual in this facial., you will leave with your skin feeling completely clean and refreshed. 

  • Deep cleanse + facial treatment (75min - 70€)

To obtain the maximum benefit from a facial treatment, we should always begin with a deep skin cleansing which will open the pores, and prepare the surface of the skin for the absorption of the nutrients and properties of the products which will be used. This facial combines a thorough cleanse, steam and extraction, kaolin mask, followed by a specific treatment and a second mask depending on your skin’s needs. It includes a hand/arm massage and also the Oriental Head Massage for a sublime result.

Facials for Him


All our treatments are performed using a Natural Products range which is Organic Certified.

In all of them we include an Oriental Head Massage while the mask is working, providing a deep relaxation, helping to obtain the maximum benefit of the products used.

  • Oxygenizing (50min - 55€)

This treatment is designed to slow down the damage produced to our skin by the excess of UV rays, pollution, lack of water and poor diet. All have negative effects on our skin, accelerating the aging process. Using the strongest natural ingredients to combat free radicals, this facial treatment will bring back firmness and vitality.

  • Balancing (50min - 55€)

Help to reduce the size of pores, redness and smooth your skin with this treatment. Combination skin type can be affected for the changes on the weather, temperature, diet… This facial treatment helps to unify the skin tone, leaving it smooth and perfect.

  •  Detox, deep cleanse (55min - 60€)

The majority of men do not follow a facial routine at home, therefore in the long run will need more care and nourishment than the female skin. Using the steamer for the extraction followed by massage and a detox mask, we will obtain a uniform and fresh skin.



You can add to any of the next massages an Oriental Head Massage, performed with or without oil, to obtain the deepest relaxation. (15€)

  • Back, neck and shoulder (30min- 40€)

Back and neck muscles reflect our lifestyle, and are usually the parts of the body that suffer the most. This massage will treat the whole back, paying special attention to the most damaged areas, helping to release tensions.

  • Post-party massage (45min - 50€)

A deep back massage paying special attention to the lowest part of the spine, will be followed by a specific massage to the feet and legs with special circulatory oil that will help legs feel lighter and more relaxed, and be ready for another busy night.

  • The Signature” Massage (60min - 70€)

 Various massage techniques are used to relax tired muscles and renew the body. The perfect combination of deep tissue massage and relaxing movements which will help to relieve tensions and stress, leaving a sensation of well-being from head to toe.

  • Traditional Thai Massage (80min - 90€)

Over years of tradition, this massage is a sequence of pressures on points and energy lines, circulatory compressions, joint movements and stretches .Performed on a mattress on the floor whilst wearing loose clothing, this is the perfect massage for people who rarely stretch properly and feel tense. The correct breathing during the massage is very important.

The overall result is of complete physical and mental stability.

RELEXOLOGY (45min - 50€)

This treatment is based on the balance of the body through the stimulation of the feet’s pressure points. Carried out on the treatment bed using a nourishing oil to massage the feet, balancing organs and allowing blood to flow for total relaxation.

Deep Tanning Treatment


Prepare your skin for an intense tanning from the Ibizan sun with this deluxe treatment of Pure Monoi of Tahiti Oil which will increase the speed of your tan, make it last longer and develop into a beautiful golden shade.

  • Relaxing massage with Monoï of Tahiti Oil (30min - 40€)

Using relaxing massage techniques, the Monoi of Tahiti oil will be applied ensuring deep penetration. The effects will last between 4 to 6 hours after application. The oil also contains very high capacities of retaining humidity, thus avoiding dryness and dehydration of the skin and lips.

  • Body exfoliation + Monoï of Tahiti (body and hair) (45min - 50€)

A luxury treatment that includes a complete body exfoliation and the application trough massage techniques of Pure Monoï of Taiti oil, over the body and hair. The high concentration of active moisturizing, nutritive and smoothing ingredients, will encourage elasticity in the skin.

Pure Monoi of Tahiti oil is perfumed with essential oils from tropical flowers, giving off an unmistakable aroma.

Hands and Feet for Her


  • Express manicure or pedicure (30 min - 25€) .

Ready to go out!! This treatment includes the clipping and filing of nails, moisturizing and polish.

  • Deluxe Manicure (50min - 35€).

 A complete treatment which includes clipping and filing of nails, cuticle work, serum, moisturizing massage. 

  • Deluxe Pedicure (60min - 40€). 

A bespoke treatment that includes the clipping and filing of nails, cuticle work, surface treatment, moisturizing serum, exfoliation, smooth the dryness and nourishing massage. 


Remove Gel 5€

Express Manicure/ Pedicure 35€

Deluxe Manicure 45€

Deluxe Pedicure 50€

Hands and Feet for Him


  • Express manicure or pedicure (30min – 20€) 

Includes clipping and filing of nails, and surface treatment. Finished by a moisturizing treatment.

  • Deluxe manicure (50 min - 30€) 

A complete treatment that includes the clipping and filing of nails, cuticle work, surface treatment, serum, moisturizing massage.

  • Deluxe pedicure. (60min-40€)

A luxury treatment that includes the clipping and filing of nails, cuticle work, surface treatment, moisturizing serum, exfoliation, smooth the dryness, and nourishing massage.

Waxing For Him Or Her

Waxing For Him Or Her


Eyebrows / Upper lip – 10€

Underarms – 10€

Arms – 15€

Back and shoulders – 20€

Half legs – 15€

Complete legs – 20€

Intimate Wax – 15/20 - €

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint


Eyebrows – 15 - €

Eyelashes – 15 - €

Eyebrows and eyelashes – 25 - €




Relax with a chilled glass of cava, whilst your hands and feet are filed, buffed and painted - 45 €


combat the effects from the night before with an all over body massage and a personalized facial. Also includes a chilled glass of cava to finish – 120 €


Live the true Es Vive experience with a complete day of relaxation and bliss. Starting with a full body massage, continuing with a Revitalizing facial, and finishing with a classic manicure and pedicure. Don’t forget to bring your bikini, so you can relax by the pool or enjoy a dip in the Jacuzzi, or maybe you would prefer the Turkish hammam, the Finnish Sauna .. To complete your day, enjoy a Detox juice and a healthy appetizer – 190 €

  • SPA DAY.
Indulge yourself with our complete day spa package where you will have full use of our Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Finnish Sauna, and Relaxation area. Also, choose between a personalized facial or a full body massage (both 1 hr treatments). Included in the price is an exquisite spa lunch which you can enjoy on our terrace/ pool area. - 85€

Show your better “you” with a present no one can forget.. Choose the amount or the treatment you like the most, and we will think on everything else..

Clases de Yoga



 We will be teaching the BIKRAM sequence of 26 postures + 2 pranayama breathing exercises at the warmth of the Spa Terrace.

 90 minute class to detox your body, strengthen and stretch your muscles, enhance your balance and encourage your mind to keep clear and focus. 15€ per session.  

 Make your booking at Reception. To avoid disappointment, book in advance! Bring water, comfortable, light clothes and don't forget not to eat 2h before class!