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Brunch specials served with freshly squeezed orange juice, choice of tea or coffee - €15.00

  • Eggs Benedict with bacon & hollandaise sauce
  • Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce
  • Eggs Benedict with, spinach & hollandaise sauce
  • Eggs Benedict with Iberic
  • ham & hollandaise sauce
  • Ham & Cheese omelette
  • Mushroom omelette
  • Egg white omelette
  • Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon
  • Ham & Cheese toastie
  • French Toasts with honey


    Mixed Bakery Basket (2 croissant, chocolate muffin or apricot muffin), butter & marmalade     €12.00                          

    • Bowl  of creamy Greek yoghurt, granola, fresh fruit & honey   €10.00
    •  Two eggs any style: Choose any style and add three items from the extras menu  €16.00

    Smoked back bacon  €3.00
    2 Pork & herb sausages  €5.00
    Toasts, butter,assorted marmalade  €3.00
    Buttered toast  €2.00
    Grilled tomatos  €2.00
    Sautéed mushrooms  €3.00
    Triple cooked Home fries  €5.00

    Es Vive Deli Sandwiches & burgers
    All served with home fries or salad

    Sandwiches: €14.00

  • Iberic ham, manchego cheese, artichoke, rocket & tapenade dressing baguette
  • Grilled chicken club sandwich, smoked bacon, lettuce .tomato, mayonnaise & savora mustard
  • Tomato & Basil bruschetta with melted mozzarella cheese, pine nuts
  • Chicken quesadilla, cheddar cheese, red onion, peppers, coriander, sweet corn, lettuce, tomato & avocado

  • Burger € 16.00

  • B.L.T. Homemade cheddar cheese burger
  • Italian Homemade cheese burger, melted buffala mozzarella, pesto Genovese, tomato & rocket

  • Detox Creamy Smoothies & Shakes

    Time to be good to your body & get some of those 5 a day. Our fresh pressed & squeezed juices, along with our creamy smoothies & milkshakes are a sure fire way to look after your body and get some natural energy.

    Fresh juices & presses

    • Peach, cucumber, lemon & sugar syrup     €5.00
    • Carrot, ginger & tomato     €5.00
    • Orange, pineapple & kiwi     €5.00
    • Es Vive Ice T     €5.00

      Fresh grapes, organic green tea,, lemon juice & a dash of almond sugar


    • Strawberry & banana     €7.00
    • Apple & carrot     €7.00
    • Pear & melon     €7.00
    • Mixed berry     €7.00
    • Passion fruit     €7.00

    Milk shakes

    • Vanilla & coffee     €7.00
    • Banana & berry     €7.00
    • Strawberry & granola     €7.00


    Revolution Tea’s are good at making tea.  Their master blenders & herbalists combine the freshest full-leaf teas, fruits, herbs, spices, & natural flavourings with scientific accuracy to produce a rainbow of revolutionary flavours.  All at €3

    • Earl Grey Lavender
    • Golden Chamomile
    • English Breakfast Black Tea
    • Organic Green Tea
    • Southern Mint Herbal Tea
    • Honeybush Caramel Tea

    Bar Snacks

    • Boquerones with garlic & parsley 7.00
    • Olives ali oli & bread 5.00
    • Padron peppers with maldon salt 6.00
    • Iberic ham compression pintxo with grated tomato 8.00
    • Mini Spanish chorizo pintxo 7.00
    • Mixed toasted nuts 6.00
    • Crispy smocked bacon,brie cheese & red currant mini bocadillo 7.00
    • Garlic Shrimps with red chilli and parsley 8.00
    • Smoked salmon,cucumber pickle,lettuce & Philadelphia cheese mini
    • bocadillo 8.00
    • Manchego cheese with truffle in oil 7.00
    • Onion rings 6.00
    • Veggie mini bruschetta selection (pomodoro&basilico/brie cheese,walnut,thynme&honey) 8.00


    • Shoft shell crab salad,,tomato,diced granny smith apple,lettuce,red onion with spicy tomato dressing 14.00
    • Crispy chicken strips with avocado cherry tomato,sweet corn,coriander,red onion, with ceviche dressing 13.00
    • Caprese salad, buffala mozzarella,tomato selection & pesto 13.00
    • Poached egg,sautéed mushrooms,iberic ham,rocket &shaved parmesan 13.00
    • Grilled vegetables with tapendade dressing 13.00

    Pool Side Mains
    • Grilled beef filet served with vegetables & potatos 24.00
    • 400gr GrilledT-bone steak with fries 25.00
    • Grilled chicken breast served with vegetables & potato 16.00
    • Chicken & Vegetables green Thai curry with jasmine rice 16.00
    • Fish & chips 18.00
    • Tuna steak served with vegetables ,potato & truffle in oil 25.00
    • Seabass a l’etuvee served with vegetables potatoes & lemon air 24.00
    • Spaguetti alla Bolognese 15.00
    • Penne arrabiatta 13.00
    • Spaguetti all pesto Genovese 12.00

    Something Sweet €7

    • Cheese cake with homemade blueberries compote
    • Strawberries with cream Chantilly
    • Pinapple Carpaccio
    • ice cream selection

    Beer & Cider

    • Heineken caña     €3.00
    • Heineken pinta     €5.00
    • Heineken bottle     €5.00
    • Cerveza Sol     €6.00
    • Buckler 0% larger     €4.00
    • Magners cider     €6.00


    • Coca Cola     €4.00
    • Diet coke     €4.00
    • Fanta Limon     €4.00
    • Fanta Naranja     €4.00
    • Sprite     €4.00
    • Tonic     €4.00
    • Fever Tree Tonic     €5.50
    • Red Bull     €5.50
    • Red Bull Light     €5.50
    • Vilas del Turbón mineral water 50cl     €4.00    
    • San Pellegrino sparkling water 50cl     €5.00  

    Dinner Menu


    • Padron pepper with maldon salt  € 6.00
    • Garlic shrimps with red chilli and parsley  € 8.00
    • Olives ali oli & bread  € 5.00
    • Iberic ham compression pintxo with grated tomato € 8.00
    • Boquerones with garlic olive oil & parsley  € 7.00
    • Mini Spanish chorizo pintxo  € 7.00
    • Manchego cheese with truffle in oil  € 7.00


    • Peruvian sea bass ceviche  € 16.00
    • Tuna Tartare  € 16.00
    • Mussels chalaca style  € 14.00
    • Iberic ham platter with toast and gated tomato  € 16.00
    • Grilled vegetables with tapenade dressing   € 12.00
    • Aubergine  tian melted mozzarella & pesto  € 13.00


    (to start or for the table)
    • Soft shell crab salad, tomato, diced granny smith apple, lettuce, red onion, with spicy tomato dressing    € 14.00
    • Crispy chicken stripes with avocado cherry tomato, sweet corn, coriander, red onion with ceviche dressing   € 13.00
    • Caprese salad, buffala mozzarella, tomato selection & pesto    €13.00
    • Poached  egg, sautéed mushrooms, iberic ham, rocket & shaved parmesan  €13.00

    Main Courses

    • Grilled beef fillet with vegetables & potatoes € 24.00
    • Grilled T-bone steak with frites € 25.00
    • 500gr Chateaubriand béarnaise sauce, frites and broccoli € 50.00
    • Duck breast a l’orange served with vegetables & potatoes € 24.00
    • Grilled chicken breast served with vegetables & potatoes € 16.00
    • Sea Bass a l’etuvee served with vegetables, potatoes & lemon air € 24.00
    • Tuna steak served with vegetables, potatoes & truffle in oil € 25.00
    • Secreto iberico (pork) served with vegetables, potatoes & lemon air €20.00


    • Triple cooked home fries € 5.00
    • Green salad with balsamic dressing € 5.00
    • Steamed broccoli € 5.00
    • Jasmine rice € 5.00

    Desserts €7

    • Pineapple Carpaccio € 7.00
    • Strawberries with cream Chantilly € 7.00
    • Cheese cake with homemade blueberries compote € 7.00
    • Ice cream selection € 7.00


    We love good wine at Es Vive. Our wines have been handpicked from the cellars of the finest vineyards in Spain. Our list features wines to please every palate and reflects the superb quality and huge variety of Spanish wine as well as some international favourites

    Cava & Champagne

    You will find the best bubblies in our sparkling wine selection.
    Perfect for a special occasion, the ideal partner for our excellent cuisine or simply for the unmatched pleasure of a glass of Champagne

    NV Castillo Perelada Brut Reserva, Macabeo, Xarel.lo y Parellada,
    Cava, Cataluña, Spain
    22.00 / 6.00
    NV Castillo Perelada Brut Rosado, Trepat, Monastrell y Pinot Noir ,
    Cava, Cataluña, Spain
    25.00 / 7.00
    2011 De Nit Rosé Raventós i Blanc,35.00
    Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier y Chardonnay,
    Champagne, Francia
    60.00 / 10.0
    Laurent Perrier Brut L y P70.00
    Perrier Jouet Blason80.00
    NV Bollinger Special Cuvée110.00
    2004 Dom Perignon280.00
    2002 Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque300.00
    2004 Louis Roederer Cristal Brut380.00
    Rosé Champagne
    NV Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut Rose,75.00/14.00
    NV Perrier Jouet Blason Rosé, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier y Chardonnay,
    Champagne, Francia
    NV Laurent Perrier Rose160.00
    2002 Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Rose350.00

    White wine
    This is our selection of white wines. Each one is a perfect expression of the vineyard where the grapes ripened and exceptional for their balance and harmony, testimony to the labour of love that produced them.

    Fruity and harmonious Verdejos
    2013 Camino del Puerto, Rueda, Spain20.00 / 5.00
    2013 Quintaluna, Rueda, Spain24.00
    Rich and elegant Chardonnays
    2013 Can Rich Vi Blanc, Ibiza22.00
    2012 Louis Latour Ardèche, France32.00
    Aromatic & delicate Sauvignon Blancs
    2013 Hermanos Lurton, Spain28.00
    2013 Cloudy Bay,  New Zeland45.00
    Fresh and delicious Albariños
    2013 Pazo San Mauro, Rías Baixas34.00
    2013 Davide Tradición, Rías Baixas37.00
    Refreshing and subtle
    2013 Valdesil Montenovo, Galicia, Spain26.00
    2011 Viña Izadi, La Rioja, Spain29.00

    Rose wine
    Our selection of refreshing, light and delicate rosés, ideal wines for the summer and a perfect partner for all our dishes

    2013 F. Lurton Les Fumees, France20.00 / 5.00
    2013 La Rosa Raventos i Blanc, Spain26.00
    2013 Ibizkus, Ibiza, Spain38.00
    2013 Whispering Angel,France42.00

    Magnums selection
    Perfect to enjoy with a large group of friends or family, these wines develop more slowly due to their size and are exceptionally well preserved. They will not disappoint!

    2010 Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume Magnum, Chablis, Chardonnay, Francia105.00
    2013 La Rosa Raventos i Blanc, Pinot Noir, Penedés, Cataluña, Spain50.00
    2008 Orben Magnum, Tempranillo viejo, La Rioja85.00
    NV Bollinger Special Cuvée, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier y Chardonnay, Champagne, Francia230.00
    NV Laurent Perrier Rose, Pinot Noir, Champagne, Francia360.00

    Red wine
    Here we present the most distinctive red wines, carefully selected to showcase the unique features of the soils that gave them life and the elaborate path they have followed to achieve perfection.

    Young and daring
    2012 Valdubón Cosecha, La Rioja, Spain22.00
    2010 Can Rich Vi Negre, biza, Spain26.00
    Sexy and Chic
    2009 Bruberry, Cataluña, Spain30.00
    2009 Pruno, Ribera del Duero, Spain33.00
    Elegant and velvety
    2007 Petit Clos, New Zeland39.00
    2008 Viña Izadi Crianza, La Rioja, Spain30.00
    Seductive and tantalizing
    2007 Barón de Ley , La Rioja, Spain20.00 / 5.00
    2010 Terrazas de los Andes, Malbec, Argentina35.00
    Extravagant and lavish
    2007 Chateau Trimoulet Grand Cru65.00

    We understand that when there is a bunch of you the easiest way to refresh yourselves is with a great big 1 & 1/2 litre jug of deliciousness.  So grab a table or some sun beds and order one of these to keep you all cool.

    • Es Vive Tinto Sangria     €30.00
    • Es Vive Blanco Sangria     €30.00
    • Es Vive Cava Sangria     €35.00
    • Es Vive Margarita Jug     €40.00
    • Es Vive Pimms     €30.00 


    We are very proud of our cocktails.  Based on classic drinks you’ll know & given an Es Vive twist.  Here you’ll find drinks we’ve made especially for lounging around the hotel pool or enjoying an early evening drink in Deco .  If you fancy a drink that’s not on the list just ask our bartenders, they’re very good!!

    Bloody Marys
    It’s hard to put into words just how much we love a Bloody Mary. Undoubtedly the best Bloody Marys in Ibiza. We add a special & secret Es Vive spice mix to all our Bloody Marys. If you are particular about your Bloody Mary, and why not? let our bartenders know exactly how you want yours.

    Es Vive Bloody Mary
    Our secret spice blend added to Absolut Pepper vodka & tomato juice, lightly shaken until cold€10
    Deluxe Ciroc Vodka Bloody Mary
    As above but replacing Absolut for Premium Ciroc vodka€14
    Bloody Maria
    Our personal favourite. Out goes the vodka and in comes our friend Estripe Tequila!€10
    Red Snapper
    The original Bloody Mary. Made with Beefeater gin instead of Absolut vodka€10
    Bloody Bull
    For those that like a bit of beef! Absolut Pepper vodka, our secret spice mix added to tomato juice & beef consommé.€10


    Raspberry Margarita
    Estripe Tequila, lime, sugar & fresh raspberries€10
    Tommy's Margarita
    A modern classic from Tommy's Tequila bar in San Francisco€10
    Coffee & Passion fruit Margarita
    One of the most incredible flavour combinations ever€10
    Breakfast Margarita
    Without doubt the best way to start any day. Estripe 100% Agave Tequila shaken with triple sec, fresh lime juice & cranberry€10
    Melody Maker
    Melon, honey, lime & fresh mint muddled together with Tequila€10

    Mojitos & Caipirinhas

    Strawberry & Balsamic Mojito
    Havana 3 year old rum, fresh lime, brown sugar, strawberry puree, mint, balsamic vinegar, black pepper & soda€10
    British Mojito
    Beefeater gin, ginger, lemongrass & mint topped with ginger beer€10
    Absolut vodka, fresh pineapple, sugar syrup, fresh lime & mint. A cracking summer drink from the mojito family.€10
    Pink Grapefruit Caipirinha
    Ypioca cachaca, fresh lime, fresh pink grapefruit & brown sugar€10
    Hot Raspberry
    Estripe 100% Agave Tequila, fresh raspberries, homemade chilli sugar & fresh mint topped with soda€10

    Tikki & Sling Drinks

    Mai Tai
    It was supposedly invented at the Trader Vic's restaurant in Oakland California in 1944. Trader Vic's rival Don the Beachcomber, claimed to have created it in 1933 at his then new eponymous bar in Hollywood.€10
    It first appeared in the 1930's, invented by Don the Beachcomber€10
    Piña Colada
    The official drink of Puerto Rico since 1978. The story goes that management of the Caribe Hilton, San Juan in Puerto Rico asked their bartender to make a signature drink. And the Piña Colada was born..€10
    Blue Hawaii
    The Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957 by Harry Yee, legendary head bartender of the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, Hawaii when a sales representative of Dutch distiller Bols asked him to design a drink that featured their blue colour of Curaçao liqueur.€10
    Es Vive Blue
    Our version of Harry Yee's creation, for Ibiza 2012€10

    The Fizzies

    Made for Amanda Blanch by her husband Chris Edwardes, legendary cocktilian and creator of the Es Vive cocktail list€12
    Swedish Spring Punch

    Absolut vodka, Chambourd fresh lime & raspberry puree topped with Chamagne.

    Oscar Wilde
    Absinthe rinsed glass, Hendricks Gin, brown sugar, Peychaud bitters & champagne. A combination of Oscar Wilde's favourite tipples.€12
    The Classic Champagne Cocktail
    One brown sugar cube doused in Angostura bitters, Cognac and Champagne. Referred to worldwide as 'The classic Champagne Cocktail', It first originated in 1899, from the winner of a New York cocktail competition€12
    Beefeater Gin, St Germain Liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup, half a pear & Champagne€12

    The Martinis

    Classic Martini
    Vodka or Gin with Noily Pratt Dry vermouth to taste.€10
    Espresso Martini
    Absolut vodka, Kahlua, sugar syrup & espresso€10
    Watermelon Martini
    Fresh watermelon, sugar syrup & Absolut vodka€10
    Elderflower Martini
    Premium Ciroc vodka, Beefeater gin, sugar, fresh lime juice, grated ginger & elderflower cordial.€14
    Vesper Martini
    Premium Ciroc vodka, Beefeater gin & Lillet blanc. This drink was invented and named by fictional secret agent James Bond in the 1953 novel Casino Royale.€14

    The Bar

    We have a very extensive and well stocked bar here at Es Vive.  All of our spirits are quality products and with over 100 labels to choose from we’re sure we’ve got your favourite drink at the bar.

    Our House products are

    • Absolut Vodka
    • Beefeater Gin
    • Havana 3 Year Old Rum
    • Hennessy VS Cognac
    • Ballantines Whisky
    • Estripe 100% Agave Tequila

    The above are all at:

    • Shot     €3.00
    • On the rocks     €4.00
    • With a mixer     €8.00
    • With Red Bull or Fever Tree     €9.50
    • As a bottle with 14 mixers included     €115.00
    • As a bottle with 14 Red Bull’s included     €135.00