This exhibition documents Ibiza in the summer of 1989, the final year before Ku and Amnesia were obliged to build roofs over their dance floors. It is a homage to a special time in the development of Ibiza, as the island continued its transition from a hippie haven and a resort for a glamorous, polysexual party crowd to becoming the world's most famous island of summer hedonism.

Ibiza’s cosmopolitan club scene and its eclectic musical selections had so inspired many British DJs that they had returned to transform London's nightlife with 'Balearic Beats' and acid house during the 'Second Summer of Love' in 1988.
The exhibition has been produced by Our History and Dave Swindells, with the support of The Printspace, London.
Our History uses archival material and multimedia exhibitions to map and display the often uncharted history and achievements of people working within the creative media, with particular emphasis on the dynamic evolution of the nightlife scene.
Dave Swindells has photographed London's nightlife since 1984, documenting countless different club scenes. His photographs have been featured in i-D, The Face, The Observer, Mixmag and many other publications worldwide, as well as in Time Out London where he was the Nightlife Editor from 1986 until 2009. daveswindells.com
Our History will be publishing a book to accompany the exhibition. You can pre-order a copy here at the hotel or via...culthist.com